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Erase Your Record. The DIY Guide to Expunge Your Record Without an Attorney

When you decide to expunge or seal your own record, you have no reference except the internet on how to do this. This book has:

➠ Step-by-step guide.

➠ Checklists for each Chapter.

➠ Easy Bailouts if you cannot finish.

➠ Sample forms.

➠ Instructions on how to find and contact the Court.

It does not benefit me to sell a book rather than gain a client. I wrote this to help people. The cost is only $24 (of which I get little), the same price as obtaining your criminal history from FDLE, and it goes step-by-step making the entire process simple.

Find out more about the book ⚖ Erase Your Record, The DIY Expungement Book: Expunge Your Record Without an Attorney.

Do It Yourself Expungement Florida

I can help in document preparation or you can always buy my book (cheaper than the doc prep fee). I also have a video series (starting in 2023) with helpful videos on YouTube (@FloridaExpungements).

Video Series

Check out my videos that go over the important points for expunging or sealing your own record without a lawyer. These include qualifying, obtaining your Certificate of Eligibility, and more.

You can find my videos on YouTube.

Document Preparation Too

You may already have received your Certificate of Eligibility. Now you are facing the task of actually filing your request with the court. The first thing you need to do is prepare the forms.

There are three documents that must be prepared. The petition, the affidavit, and a proposed order.

➠ The Petition to Seal or Expunge

If any document will raise an objection from the State Attorney it will be the petition if the language is flawed (incorrect arrest dates, arresting agency, etc.).

➠ The Affidavit to Seal or Expunge

You must file a sworn affidavit stating that you have never had a previous expungement before and that you are eligible for the relief you are requesting. Falsifying this affidavit is a 3rd Degree Felony.

➠ Proposed Order to Seal or Expunge

The proposed order is another document the State Attorney will scrutinize. If it’s wrong they will ask that you correct it before the hearing. This will delay the court’s decision.

Help With Your Document Preparation

We can prepare these documents for you. The cost is $79.00 and you will receive your documents in .pdf format within 24 business hours by email.

For Doc Prep Info text us at 407-434-1858 with your email address and the words Doc Prep Info. We will email you information about our services and how to get started.

You can always represent yourself in court. A lawyer is someone who has been trained and tested on the law, who has successfully passed an exam, and is experienced practising before the court and, therefore, allowed to represent other people. Because the implications are great, only a lawyer can give legal advice.

Time is of the Essence

Representing yourself to expunge your own criminal record may seem easy. However, if time is of the essence – if you need this done as soon as possible – I would suggest you hire a lawyer.

Hurdles that You have to Overcome

Some of the biggest hurdles that you will face are:

  • Responding to FDLE denial letters
  • Responding to FDLE requests for more information
  • Document Preparation – Petition, Affidavits, Orders
  • Electronic Filing
  • Contacting the Correct Court
  • Responding to Objections from the Prosecutor
  • Making sure you obtain the necessary certified documents

Getting it Wrong Can Be Costly

If the court denies your request to expunge or seal your only option is to appeal. An appeal must be timely, is expensive, your arguments must have been preserved on the record, and requires legal training in the law.

If your request is granted, access to those records are gone. If you are not a United States citizen or want to become a lawyer, enter the medical field, become a teacher, among other fields, we suggest you hire a lawyer.

Many people start the process and then have questions. Neither the State Attorney’s Office nor FDLE can assist you. Neither can the Public Defender’s Office or the Clerk of Court, although sometimes they try with disastrous results.

Only a licensed attorney can provide you with legal advice but that won’t help you if you are trying to do this on your own. That’s why I wrote a guide for people to follow.

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