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Expungement Fees and Costs

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The use of the term “expungement,” on this page, is meant to include the term “sealing” unless explicitly noted otherwise.

Expungement Costs

The Total Discounted Fee is $1,200*

The total fee, excluding the cost noted below, is $1,200. This requires payment by money order only. We do have a payment plan which is explained below.

We do provide credit card payment option. This is explained at the bottom of this page, under “Alternative Payments.”

*Certain types of rare offenses that are determined to be “eligible” to seal may cost more due to the nature of the offense and the “anticipated” response from the State.

In order to make it more convenient and faster for my clients, the Expungement fee includes:

  • Legal fee.
  • Costs to obtain necessary documentation from the Court.
  • Florida Department of Law Enforcement Fee.
  • Invoice/Filing Fees.*

*Maximum $100. This DOES NOT include unpaid court costs that were originally due on the case or any additional fees over $100 due to multiple defendants or any other reason.

What the Expungement fee does not include:

  • Cost for running a Criminal History. (You should do this if you have multiple arrests and email a copy to me before you hire me.)
  • Notary and fingerprint costs.
  • The In-person Hearing fee, if necessary. (If remote appearance is allowed there is no fee.)
  • Money owed to the court originating from the original case.
  • Certified Mailing of final documents (Optional for $65), otherwise sent via First Class USPS.

If you already have your Certificate of Eligibility from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, My fee to finish the process is a one time $1,000.00 payment (money order).

What “Is” and “Is Not” Included with Representation

When you hire us to expunge or seal your record the legal representation includes:

  • the preparation, document creation, and filing of the petition and required documents;
  • attendance at a hearing, if required. Additional fee required.
  • If FDLE denies your Certificate of Eligibility, we will also discuss remedies, which are often available, and try to correct FDLE’s error if capable of being accomplished by simple communication and local research.

The fee does not include extraordinary writs, appeals or repeating the procedure.
-An extraordinary writ is a document that is filed to force an agency to comply. These are required to be served/filed within a very short period and takes a lot of work.
-An appeal is the only remedy if the court denies your petition with prejudice.
-The necessity to repeat the procedure for any reason to include expiration of the Certificate of Eligibility, failure to fully pay the fee, or court denial without prejudice to refile.

Payment Plans

Once we have determined that you are eligible, we will send you an email that includes our address to make your initial or full payment.

To get started, we have a few options.

  • You can pay the full price up front (1,200.00 money order), or;
  • You can pay the “initial” payment ($400.00 money order) to get started.

Scheduled Payment Calendar

If you decide to do payments, you will be notified of when the next payment is due. The schedule looks like this:

  • Initial payment to get started – $400 money order.
  • Payment when we are ready to file paperwork to FDLE – $400 money order. This is done after you return the application to us. (This is approximately 1-2 months from the start.)
  • Payment when ready to file Petition to the Court – $400 money order. This is done when we receive the Certificate of Eligibility from FDLE. (This is approximately 3-4 months after the start.)

Note: We notify you that the payment is due. However, you have as long as you need to make the payment. We will not proceed until payment is received and this gives you the flexibility you may need. The one exception is when the final payment is due. At that point, you have about a year to make the payment. You can always pay the remainder due at any time.

In-Person Hearing Fee

Hearings are usually not required and, if required, I do not charge a fee for appearing remotely. This is usually the case, especially since the pandemic ushered in remote hearings.

If the State Attorney’s Office objects to the granting of the petition, then we must have a hearing.
There are some counties that require a hearing each time, even when the State Attorney does not object.
If a hearing is required and we are required to appear in-person or you want me to appear in-person (if optional), there is an additional hearing fee. The amount of this fee is determined by county and specific case.

Go to our Record Expungement LOCATIONS page and click on the County where your case originates for more information on particular County fees, including the hearing fee.

Obtaining Certified Copies

Our legal fee includes obtaining certified copies of existing documents for the process of completing the sealing or expungement of your case. Whatever, documents we have at the end of our representation, we will send to you.

You may need these documents for your records after your case has been sealed or expunged. This is important for people that are:

  • Seeking employment with an Entitled Entity.
  • Want to apply to the Florida Bar.
  • Not a United States Citizen.

We strongly suggest that YOU obtain certified copies of your court documents before your record has been sealed or expunged. We do not guarantee obtaining all the documents you may need in the future after your record has been expunged.

Obtain Certified Copies of Your Records

We encourage all of our clients to obtain “certified copies” of their court file before we petition the court to either seal or expunge your record. Make sure to obtain at a minimum:
1. Police Report
2. Charging Document (if any)
3. Final Disposition
You will need these documents in the future. I will also try and obtain these records, however sometimes I have to use these records in the process of petitioning the court.

⚖ Entitled Entities

Alternative Payment

If you cannot pay with cash (meaning mailing a money order) and you want to pay with a credit card, the total fee is $1,398.00 and the multiple payment is $466.00 per payment.

Mix and Matching

If you decide to pay one payment in cash and then the next by credit or debit card, the corresponding fee applies. For example, first payment is by cash for $400.00. You decide to make the second payment using a credit card. That payment is $466.00.

Additionally, we accept other types of payment as well, including precious metals, trade in certain goods/services and other forms of payment. The details will be added here soon. Ask for more information.


We review your case before accepting any money to ensure that you “qualify” to have your record expunged (See, Expungement Qualification). Once you hire us to expunge your record, there are no refunds unless the error that was made was due to my mistake based on the information you provided.

For More Information

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