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Don’t Pay That Orange County Toll Ticket!

Orange County, Florida, including Orlando and the Disney and Universal Parks, will issue a toll ticket if you do not pay. They do not use “pay-by-plate.”

The Tollway Authority [EPass] still issues tickets. When you violate a toll they will send you a notice to the address of the registered vehicle owner. However, if not paid they will allow violations to accumulate. So by the time you receive a ticket, many will be due.

A Florida toll violation can be costly and are different than other tickets.

  • You receive a toll violation in the mail long after the infraction has happened.
  • The fine amount is actually $262.00 (not $100).
  • Sometimes you never receive notification and it goes into collections.
  • Collections adds more money to what you already owe.
  • Late tickets have a late fee added to them.
  • And if your license is suspended there is a reinstatement fee.

Orlando Toll Ticket Representation Cost

I can help you fight these tickets. My fee is $75 per ticket. My typical results are:

  • the collection fees removed,
  • the fine reduced to $25 on a single ticket,
  • court costs ($33) on just one ticket, and
  • the amount of current unpaid tolls.

All other tickets are often dropped (Orange County, Florida only).

Contact Me if You Received Toll Tickets or License Suspended

If you have begun receiving these Florida toll tickets (Orange County) do not hesitate, contact me. I will send you information regarding my representation and what I may be able to do to help you. I set my fee so that you save money. My goal is to:

  1. Reduce your fine,
  2. Remove collection fees,
  3. Get many of the tickets dismissed, and
  4. Save you the maximum amount of money.

Do Not Enter Into A Payment Plan Contract

These payment contracts only add more money to what you owe. There is a $25 administrative fee just to start the contract and then each credit card payment towards your outstanding fees has an additional $3.99 service fee. And if you enter these contracts, you give up your right to a hearing!

Instead, contact me to settle your toll tickets for less than you owe.

Toll Ticket Suspensions

It is often the case that you never receive the tickets and the first time you realize you have these tickets is when the DHSMV send you a suspension letter. Don’t panic. I can help you take care of this as well.

Late Tickets and Tickets Past Due by 180 Days

Even if you think it is too late – it isn’t. Did you know you have 180 days from the issuance of the ticket to request a hearing. After 30 days a late fee will be assessed but your right to a hearing exists for 180 days!

Even after the 180 days, the court is likely to grant a motion to reduce the fines and pull it from collections. So no matter how old they are we have a chance to help.

If your license is already late or suspended

If your toll tickets are more than 30 days old, your license may be or will be suspended. You can check your license’s status by going to the FDHSMV website and entering your driver’s license number. If it is suspended or pending a suspension, you need to do the following:

  • you must physically go to the Clerk of Court,
  • tell them you want to set all toll tickets for a hearing,
  • pay only the late fees ($23/ticket), and
  • contact me right away or after you receive the Notice of Hearing.

Additional Suspended License Info

The Points With Florida Toll Tickets

Toll violations are unique in that they can have points but not always. If you just pay the toll fine amount ($262) before it is late there are no points. However, in almost any other situation points will accrue. It is cheaper to hire a lawyer.

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Remember, It is the registered Owner who is Ticketed

Remember that the tolls and the Florida toll violations are levied against the registered owner of the vehicle, not the actual driver. So be careful of who you let use your vehicle or with whom you leave your vehicle. Additionally, if you sell your car always take the tag off the vehicle and return it to the DMV/tag agency.

Sun Pass and Registration Liens

Sun Pass has stopped issuing tickets. Instead they place a lien on your registration. This means that when the vehicle registration comes due for the car, there will be an additional fee for the accumulated unpaid tolls. Unfortunately, we cannot help you with these. We can only help you with tickets issued by Epass.

Contact For Toll Violation Representation

Submit your contact info below. We will email you information about our Toll Ticket Defense representation. If you have already entered into a payment plan you need to send us the agreement you signed to be sure we can help you.
Please include the information you are comfortable with providing us. We use the cell number to confirm email transmission.

We will not harass you with calls, emails, or texts. We will not place you on a mailing list. We will not share your information with anyone. We will add you to our contacts so we know who you are when we communicate in the future. For more information, see our privacy policy.

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